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Breaking bread Israeli Style

Israel is certainly a land of great abundance. It has been blessed by Adonai and all the promises He gave for this land ‘’flowing with milk and honey’’ are being fulfilled in our very day.

Proverbs 27:27

27 There will be enough goats’ milk for food and food for your household, and sustenance for your maidservants.

From mouthwatering Shawarma to delicious Hummus, vegetables and fruits galore, Israel has certainly received God’s blessing when it comes to food and cuisine. From fresh bread and local fish to orange groves and olive trees: Israel has everything to satisfy your taste buds!! Local dates and fresh squeeze pomegranate juice!! Lamb Kabob and Falafel in Pita!! No wonder that the early followers of Yeshua included ‘’having dinner’’ together as part of their daily routine or as they simply called it ‘’breaking bread’’!!

Acts 2:42

The Fellowship of the Believers

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Even Messiah Yeshua had dinner at Matthew’s home after the calling of Matthew to follow him. And after his resurrection, Yeshua returned to his disciples to have breakfast filled with broiled fish caught from the adjacent waters and no doubt fresh bread!!

As one strolls the streets of Israel, especially Tel Aviv/Jaffa, one can’t help but to inhale the hit of cumin, paprika, cloves, and other aromatics emanating from shawarma stands!! A definite special scent fills the nostrils from spice-infused lamb, turkey, or beef rolled up in a chewy pita. Upon the meat is layered with savory sauce, hummus, salad, oil, and spices and the very best uniqueness to the local café to put their signature taste upon this culinary masterpiece!!

We at USA Israel Tours recommend bringing your appetites to Israel! We promise, you will not be disappointed. The delights from this café in Jaffa can be found in various degrees throughout all of Israel. With other areas in Israel serving up their own local specialty as well, we guarantee that you will not go away hungry. We wait for you here in Israel where you will have a most tasty experience!

About the Author
USA Israel Tours is the American branch of Israel based tour company Isra Home Tours, an inbound tour operator in Ashdod, Israel. We have extensive experience serving the Christian market since 2013. Our goal is to connect every person with the Land of Israel and its people.