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Passover Sedar

Passover Experience in Israel

We at USA Israel tours invite you to share a Jewish Passover Seder here in Israel. We will arrange for you an authentic Passover Seder with a Jewish Believing family here in the Land. Yeshua celebrated the Passover (Matthew 26:17…19) while he sojourned with us some 2000 years ago. Experience the traditions and rituals of this Jewish Holiday/Festival Passover: while being explained the prophecies that were fulfilled during the Passover Feast during the days of Yeshua. A complete delicious dinner with be served, as well as, all the trappings of a traditional Jewish Seder! The evening will conclude with ‘’songs of deliverance’’ as we celebrate this Feast initiated by God (Exodus 12) some 3500 years ago during the rescue of the Children of Israel from bondage in Egypt. A festive evening of joy and freedom as we delve into the mysteries of the Feasts of the Lord and attempt to reveal the prophetic meaning for us today. If interested, please notify us at the time of your tour booking and we will do everything we can to make your seating reservation for Passover in Israel!

About the Author
USA Israel Tours is the American branch of Israel based tour company Isra Home Tours, an inbound tour operator in Ashdod, Israel. We have extensive experience serving the Christian market since 2013. Our goal is to connect every person with the Land of Israel and its people.