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The Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Old City, Jerusalem

Western Wall JerusalemImagine yourself before the Great Temple in Ancient Israel? Can you actually witness the history that had befallen this area? Only a visit here to these antiquity sites can open the depth of answers and revelations.

Western Wall, known simply in Hebrew as the ‘’Kotel’’, is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people.  It is the last remnant of the Temple destroyed by the Romans back in the 1st century.  Jewish people from around the world gather here to pray and write notes to G-d placing them between the ancient stones of the Wall (Kotel). This Western Wall, known also as the ‘’Walling Wall’’ because of the much sorrow suffered by the chosen people of God, is located on the Temple Mount. It is also believed to be the precise location of where Abraham offered his bound son Isaac (Genesis 22:2) upon ‘’Mount Moriah’’.

King Solomon built the first Temple upon this mountain (2nd Chronicles 3:1) Later, Herod would refurbish the Temple built after the Babylonian exile and restore the magnificent edifices and facades.  Both these two great Temple were located upon the biblical Mountain of God, otherwise known as Mount Moriah.

The scriptures cite Jesus being in this Temple on many occasions. From studying as a young boy (Luke 2:41…52) to teaching (Luke 20:1), from cleansing/purifying to prophesying…the Temple in Jesus time was an absolute epicenter and central place for his ministry here in Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem OldCan you envision the Messiah Yeshua as he wept over Jerusalem and peered out unto the Glorious Temple from Mount Olives? What a magnificent sight he must have saw, as he knew the fateful outcome about to befall this beloved city, thus resulting in tears for foreseeable events yet to have taken place. Yeshua’s weeping gave new meaning and depth unto the ‘’Wailing Walls’’ of Jerusalem.  

We at USA Israel Tours invite you here to witness the last remnant of the 2nd Temple here in the Old City of Jerusalem. Come here for prayer, meditation/reflection, and drift back in time to relive historical events that have taken place right here upon the grounds where your feet are standing. We wait for you here from the Old City of Jerusalem!  

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